The Death Note series: season 2? When will the anime be back?

deathnote season2

The manga “Death Note” has been adapted in many ways, but the anime series has its own charm. However, it lasted only one season, but it may change in the near future.

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata made this dream come true by opening a new chapter in “Death Note.”. ‘Special One Shot‘ came out in 2020, and you can read it online at Manga Plus.

“Death Note” Season 2: Is There Hope For An Anime Sequel?

Over a decade ago, it was clear to many anime fans that the series had ended. The manga had to end after the end of the first season because Light lost his life. Despite this, there was still some hope, since there was still the apple-addicted Shinigami and at least one Death Note still to be found.

Fortunately, the sequel has now been released in manga form, so no one should miss reading it. We again see old friends as the plot takes place in a world where Kira is already causing havoc. During the first chapter, Ryuk, out of boredom and because of his desire for apples, takes a Death Note and searches for someone with whom he can share the record. Luckily, Minoru Tanaka, a smart middle school student, wins the contest.

This is a smart basic idea that should definitely be adopted.

It was also clever the way the authors used Tanaka’s Death Note in the sequel, because we have never seen Tanaka use it in this way before. Therefore, the story takes a different turn and Minoru’s character is not as corrupted as Light’s.

A very interesting approach, and even if the story is only 89 pages long, it provides enough material for another season. Furthermore, the manga ends by showing Shinigami are still searching for someone who can help them enjoy the book for a longer period of time. 

There are, however, no indications that an anime is in the works. Nevertheless, something could happen in the near future, as the series is very successful to this day and has many loyal fans. We are eagerly watching for news and will keep you informed immediately.

Netflix will premiere “The A-List” season 2 on June 25, 2021. We’ll tell you how things stand with the third season of the British youth thriller series.

A group of teenagers is looking forward to the best summer of their lives. Their holidays are spent camping in a remote location on Peregrine Island. Between teen romances, campfires and a popularity contest, shocking and paranormal experiences await that even the youngsters could never have imagined.

Fans of the series are naturally asking: Is season 3 of “The A-List” already in the works? After the success of season 1, the youngsters now face deadly danger again.

Netflix has “The A-List.” You can watch it there,How likely is it that “The A-List” will get a third season?

Whether a third season will be produced for “The A-List” remains to be seen. It is certain, however, that Netflix views coming-of-age history as a very promising genre. Following the cancellation of the BBC series, Netflix broadcast the entire second season.

The chances of “The A-List” returning to Netflix for season 3 aren’t too low – because only for season 2, Netflix probably won’t have made the effort of in-house production.

In what month will “The A-List” season 3 be released?

There is no official release date for a third season of “The A-List”, so the audience needs to be patient. A new season of The Walking Dead began on September 1, 2019, and will run until June 25, 2021. It is therefore unlikely that season 3 of “The A-List” will arrive before mid- or early-2020.

“The A-List’s” third season will be shown where?

Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier’s British youth series premiered on the BBC in October 2018. About a year after the show aired, it was added to Netflix.

Following the BBC’s discontinuation of the series after the first season, Netflix took over production of season 2, which is why “The A-List” will be aired exclusively on the streaming service in the future.




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