The 8 Best Social Media Plugin For WordPress

Social Media Plugins For WordPress

Plugins or simply add-on extensions are computer software that adds new functions to the main program without hampering the main/host program itself, Social media plugins serve as a bridge between social media and the site, making it super easy to embed social media content on the site, thus removing the traditional methods which were way too complicated and time taking.

Plugins are an important tool that helps in building WordPress more. In short, they can be termed as building blocks of WordPress. They cater to many needs and serve many purposes at a single time. For example, some plugins can turn WordPress into full-fledged e-commerce stores or any other forum. Not only this, but it also helps in adding minute features too like Instagram feed, improving the site’s performance, and so on.

Below are some of the best social media plugins for WordPress.

8 Best Social Media Plugin For WordPress

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget accords a custom-designed social media plugin that can be easily integrated into the WordPress website. Since it brings UGC content from 15+ social media platforms, therefore, providing the audience with a large pool of engaging, exciting, and fresh content.

The plugin is customizable with unique features with seamless integration, responsive design and on the top, no coding is required.

To show quality content, it also has a content moderation feature that enables to remove inappropriate, irrelevant content thereby making the content of premium quality, Coming with a widget analytics feature that provides insightful analytics of the WordPress Widget, this plugin is no wonder a life savior.

2. Tagembed

Tagembed is a social media aggregator that collects inviting and interesting UGC content from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The content can be easily embedded on any website and help to build a customizable social wall.

Offering a wide range of features, Tagembed is a go-to option when it comes to choosing a social media plugin, With content moderation, real-time updates, responsive widgets, customized feeds, robust analytics, custom CSS, and the cherry on the top is the budget-friendly free forever plan.

3. Social Warfare

Coming with appealing buttons, social warfare has managed to stand out in the herd and create a distinctive position of its own. Social Warfare comes from the Warfare Plugins Company.

It provides 5000 style combinations which makes it highly customizable and the best feature of all is that you can upload pictures directly from Pinterest. You can also customize the message that comes up whenever someone clicks on the tweet, share, or any such button.

Not only this, but it also has a unique feature of content protection that locks your social call to action.

The only demerit is that it comes with a recurring yearly payment mode.

4. Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and what can be better than displaying this on your website. The most attractive feature of using this plugin is that you can customize anything from height to width to even changing the color of the background.

The major drawback is that the photo captions appear only in the advanced or pro version, The plugin also does not have the support of any other social media feed, therefore, making it restricted to itself only. For a basic plugin, the settings page is surprisingly long.

5. Social Pug

With over 40K installs and a 5/5 star rating, Social Pug has managed to catch everyone’s eyes. Compared to other big plugins, this plugin has all the basic functions and features that cater to one’s needs.

The best thing about this plugin is that it is lightweight, therefore, does not let your site slow down. If you want more features, it also provides a premium version wherein you can unlock more features,The only disadvantage is that some unique features like the mobile sharing button, link shortening, etc are only available in the pro version.

6. Shareaholic

One of the most desirable plugins, Shareaholic comes with some surprisingly unique features.

One of the best features is that it has 100+ social integrations and that too for free! Some more and innovative features are as follows:-

  • URL shortener
  • Pinterest-specific advanced control feature
  • Monetization option
  • Social share count recovery
8. Social Snap

By supporting more than 30 of the most popular social media networks, Social Snap stands at being one of the most influential social sharing plugin.

One of the rare features that it offers is that it lets you place sharing buttons with a shortcode, Some more features are as follows:-

  • You can customize button shapes, colors, animations, and so on.
  • Have social proof of individual and total share counts.

Share count recovery

8, Monarch By Elegant Themes

This plugin provides a set of social media share and follow buttons.

You’re just one step away from unlocking the treasure of different features that are needed in a plugin, Being a premium plugin, the only major drawback is that there’s no free version available.

Additional features of Monarch are as follows:-

  • Provides stats for social media shares
  • Comes with an export and import mode
  • Mobile friendly
  • Offers customization options for your buttons
  • Being a premium product, it offers 24/7 customer support


Social media plugins are an important tool for not only providing quality content to the website but also to gap the traditional bridge of time taking coding for embedding social media platforms on websites.



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