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Create Your Own Custom Life-Size Cutouts

Life-size custom cutouts are free-standing cardboard, foamboard, or coroplast cutouts made from your design or photos. Personalized Cardboard Cutouts come in various sizes, such as 1-12 inches, 13-24 inches, 25-48 inches, and 49-72 inches.

Custom life-size cutouts are perfect for various occasions, including birthdays, engagement ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, graduations, anniversaries, memorials, trade shows, advertising, marketing, and corporate promotions.

At All Personalization, our team’s priority is to provide you with high-quality custom life-size cuts with 100% satisfaction. Not only does our company streamline the entire process, but we also make it quick and easy to order.

You only need to upload a quality photo, choose the desired size, and select the material, such as cardboard, foamboard, or coroplast. The rest is up to our team. Today’s article will discuss why custom life-size cutouts ordered from All Personalization are worth it.

Quality Material, life-size cutouts

Everyone wants to print their photo on high-quality material. Unlike other companies, All Personalization makes substantial efforts to use superior-quality material, ensuring customer satisfaction.

In addition, our team whitewash the standard cardboard, foamboard, or Coroplast material on the front to ensure a quality print. Our team corrugates the material along the height to ensure structural stability.

Research shows that cardboard is durable for custom life-size cutouts because it does not deteriorate the image quality when printed. At the same time, it is the most affordable material available on the market.

Superior Design

custom life-size cutouts

In addition to quality material, All Personalization focuses on superior design to ensure everything goes smoothly. The purpose is to provide our clients with a quality, durable, lightweight, and affordable end product.

All Personalization has many years of experience in the custom life-size cutout business. Not only do we serve individuals for their special events, but we also provide quality services to companies to grab their customers’ attention and sell their products.

Moreover, personalized life-size cutouts are an excellent gift for your loved ones, especially those who can’t attend your special day or event. You can also use the custom life-size cutouts intelligently.

For instance, if you need some space on your special day, you can use your cutout to distract your guests for some time. Some people order life-size cutouts from All Personalization to control their pets’ behavior.

Easy Use and Storage

Although cardboard, foam board, and coroplast materials are durable, they are light enough, allowing you to mount your custom life-size cutout mount on a wall. You can also keep the fold-out foot flat and use adhesives or double-sided tapes based on your needs.

Moreover, you can fold down the cutout after the event and store it in your closet or any other place without any problems. All Personalization has a professional team with many years of experience in creating custom life-size cutouts innovatively, creatively, and reliably.

Our team advises customers to use their cutouts indoors. However, if you want to use them outdoors, make sure you place them in a sheltered area. Proper care and maintenance will increase the overall lifespan of your personalized cutout and use it for years to come.

Affordable Price

Hundreds of online companies and stores offer custom life-size cutout services. However, not all provide quality, reliable, and affordable services. Some companies even charge people hundreds of dollars without providing them with quality and corrugated material. The product loses its quality quickly, wasting your hard-earned money.

On the other hand, All Personalization offers client-oriented services because our company cares for all of our customers. It is the core element of our business operations. Similarly, affordability is essential for our clients, so we ensure you achieve your goals economically.

The price starts at $19.99 for a 1-12 inches custom life-size cutout. The good news is that you will receive a high-quality image on high-grade cardboard, foamboard, or coroplast to satisfy your needs.

Exceptional Customer Service and Quick Delivery

All Personalization has a dedicated customer support team that answers all your queries quickly and provides you with all the details, ensuring you receive a durable, lightweight, and affordable product based on your requirements.

Make sure you upload a high-definition image when ordering a custom life-size cutout. Our team will contact you if you have uploaded a low-resolution picture. Unlike other online stores that deliver the final product in weeks and sometimes months, All Personalization will ship your life-size cutout within two business days.

Final Words

Do you need a custom cardboard cut out for your birthday party, wedding anniversary, graduation ceremony, or corporate event? If yes, you just need to upload a HD photo of your choosing, select the desired size and material. Our team will handle the rest of the task. Contact us today for more information or place your order. Until Next Time!!




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