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7 Health Conditions That Prevent The Use Of Black Seed Oil

When it comes to health knowing one side of the story is not enough. Merits and demerits of a certain thing must be known before using it. We have all heard about the benefits of black seed oil but there are possible side effects too. Here we are going to discuss the possible side effects it may cause during certain health conditions.

         7 Health Conditions That Prevent The Use Of Black Seed Oil

Low blood pressure

Maintaining blood pressure is extremely important otherwise a lot of different health conditions can be faced. Throughout the day blood pressure fluctuates because of a lot of factors. If it stays too high for a long time it can affect your heart and you may face hypertension. Similarly, blood pressure can also go low and cause nausea, weak pulse, hypotension and many other conditions. When a person is already using diabetic medicines to lower their blood pressure using black seed at the same time can be dangerous. It can take your sugar level too low. Balance of the medication and black seed oil must be considered in this case.

Effects contractions during Pregnancy

Using egyptian black seed oil during pregnancy can be unsafe. If taken in a larger amount it prevents the uterus from contracting. Contraction is known as the tightening of the muscle of the uterus like a fist, which relaxes after a short time. It takes place to push the baby out. No contractions can cause serious implications during childbirth.

Increases the immune system

The immune system is responsible for your survival in this world. Maintaining a healthy immune system will save us from many diseases and attacks on the body from different viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Black seed oil can be used to increase the immune system. If medications are taken that slow the immune system then it must be avoided.

Avoid before Surgery

When surgeries are performed everything is taken into consideration like blood pressure, bleeding, blood clotting. To maintain a balance of everything black seed oil should be avoided before undergoing surgery as it can cause abrupt changes in your body.

Dosage is unknown

When we use medicines we know a lot about the dosage that is required. Extensive research has been done to prescribe the dose for people with different age groups and ailments. We can even consult our doctors for using the right dosage. But when it comes to black seed oil not much is known about the dosage.

Effect on kidneys

According to studies, black seed oil can harm the kidneys. Diabetic people can suffer acute kidney failure. When the kidney is not able to filter the waste products from the blood, acute kidney failure happens. It can ultimately result in urine blockage, liver failure and heart disease. To save yourself from such diseases black seed oil must be avoided.

Can cause Blood clotting

When blood changes from a liquid to a gel-like structure, it is called a clot. Blood clotting is sometimes beneficial because it protects from blood loss during an injury. But when the clotting happens inside the veins it cannot dissolve which can be life-threatening. Excessive use of black seed oil can cause blood clotting.


Because of the harmful side-effects of the black seed oil, it is concluded that proper research on an individual level must be done. If you are going through any medical condition described above you should avoid it. The main thing here is that it is unknown, how much quantity must be used to enjoy its benefits. Moreover, discussing with your doctor might be a precautionary measure that you can take.



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