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5 Causes of Hair Loss and Solutions

Hair loss depends on different factors, and it can leave negative effects overall your body. Everyone experiences different types of hair loss conditions, such as temporary and permanent.

People with hormonal changes often suffer from hair loss that results in permanent baldness, and it is common in men. Most of the cases are heredity, but increased factors have made alopecia common.

People often develop scalp issues that result in hair loss. You should visit the doctor if you are suffering from any hair loss instead, you try different hairstyles or use a scarf to hide your head.

Reasons of Hair Loss

According to research, the most common factor behind hair loss is hereditary, but it can link to other issues too. It depends on your check-up and medical history. Family history with baldness can leave you bald, but medical science can help you maintain your hormones.

Hair loss due to surgery or any traumatic event is temporary after recovery you can see regrowth of your hairs without any treatment.

Let’s find out about the common reasons.

Temporary Hair Loss Causes some conditions can trigger hair loss for only some time, such as:

Hormonal changes:

2.Discontinuing the birth control pills
5.Thyroid problems.

What are the Other Conditions?

Radiation Therapy

Due to the radiations to the head, the scalp gets damaged and results in hair loss. In some cases, the hair grows back, but we have seen multiple conditions in which it results in baldness.

Use of Supplements

Many drugs leave negative side effects on your body, including hair loss. People with heart issues and cancer take the long time medications and experience severe hair loss. You can also experience such a condition if you take supplements for depressions, high blood pressure, etc.

Any Traumatic Event

When a person suffers from a serious stress issue or experiences a traumatic event, it results in temporary hair loss. Overthinking or reliving a situation can weaken your immune system and affect your body overall.

Strong Hair Pulling Styles

Women make some hairstyles that pull your hairs tightly. In such a condition, you may experience hair loss that is known as alopecia. If you try a hairstyle that will leave scars, avoid it, or it can result in permanent hair loss.

Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Loss

I visited a homeopathic doctor in Karachi where she described that there is also possible homeopathic treatment available with no side effects.


Solutions to Consider for Hair Loss

For hereditary hair loss, doctors did not consider any solution as it was not preventable. But researchers have come with minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia) solutions that help both men and women to deal with hair loss issues.

Here, We Will Discuss Some Most Effective Hair Loss Preventable Tips
You should discuss with your doctor the medications for other physical treatment because drugs can also cause hair loss issues.

You should avoid the sunlight as it can trigger hair loss.

Chemotherapy causes hair loss, but you can consult with your doctor to reduce hair loss.

Smoking is one of the most common causes of hair loss, but you can save yourself from hair loss if you quit it.

Don’t use a hairbrush or comb with narrow-toothed hair because it pulls the hair and results in hair fall. Curling irons, rebounding, and other hair hot treatments can cause temporary hair loss. You need to avoid them and prevent these issues.

Researchers from Aziza Hussaini hospital say that poor nutrition can also cause hair loss. A hair-friendly diet can help you look attractive with thick hair.

A word from Very Well

You should use a good shampoo and make sure that you keep moisturizing your scalp. Healthy foods for hair, such as fish, etc., can keep your hairs black for a long time and prevent you from hair loss. A healthy diet can prevent you from potential baldness reasons.





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