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3 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Rendering Mold Remediation Services

The best way to deal with mold in your home is to call on professionals for their services. However, if you insist on delivering your own mold remediation services Augusta Georgia, then here are 3 mistakes you must avoid.

3 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Rendering Mold Remediation Services

3 Mistakes To Avoid During A Mold Cleanup

As a newbie, there is a tendency to think that mold cleanup is a pretty straightforward activity. Well, it is not, at least not if you plan to do it well. Here are 3 common mistakes that people who attempt mold cleanups tend to make and how/why you can/should avoid them.

  1. Using The Wrong Cleaning Agents or Products

For most home dwellers, bleach is an all-purpose cleaner. They use it in their kitchen, toilet, garage and their cars for all sorts of cleanup purposes. So when the question of offering mold remediation services Augusta Georgia comes up, it is only natural that they turn to the one cleanser they trust the most – bleach. And if they feel it didn’t work, they just add more bleach.

Now while bleach might work wonders in keeping your fabrics shining brightly, it isn’t always the best choice of cleanser to use against mold. Rather, you should research and purchase cleaning products that are more specifically designed to handle the mold you are dealing with. Also, don’t forget to purchase some disinfectant, because your mold cleanup isn’t really complete until you are sure that at least 99.9% of the fungi has been eliminated, and that is what disinfection is all about.

2 Failure to Isolate the Affected Area

When scrubbing off mold from the wall, some of it spores will come loose and float around in the air until they find a new place to settle. These new settlers can start their own colony if the conditions are favorable enough. You do not want this. So what can you do? It’s easy, just make sure you seal off the rest of the room before you commence cleaning. You can either cordon off the part of the room you are working on with nylon sheets, or isolate the entire room itself.

If the spread contaminates other items, then you must remediate those items if you can before bringing them back into the room. If not, you risk a case of cross contamination and you’ll find yourself repeating the whole cleanup activity in a few months time. All cleaning materials and clothing used during cleanup should be disposed of thereafter. Thus, be sure to use only dispensable materials.

  1. Not Addressing the Primary Problem

You can say that mold, although being a problem in itself, is also an evidence that there is another problem in your home – the problem of excess moisture. Mold requires water to survive. Thus, if they are thriving in your home, then there must be a water leak somewhere. Until you address this primary problem, you will never be rid of mold.

For basements and attics where the humidity level is usually too high, you should consider getting a dehumidifier. It might solve the moisture problem.



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